And the Good News Just Keeps On A-Comin’!

By now you probably know about Creighton Federal’s Mobile App. What, you haven’t downloaded the app onto your smartphone (iPhone or Android)? Do you have any idea what you’re missing?

With the Mobile App you can do your personal banking right from your phone. Anytime, from anywhere, including pay bills with Creighton Federal’s online Bill Pay. It’s free and there’s a link in the app that takes you right to Bill Pay. Slick!

I said the good news just keeps comin’.

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Pssst! A Word to the Doubters and Hangers-On

Maybe for you, doing things “the old way” is better. Thing like holding and reading a newspaper. You love the feel of news print in your fingers and the smell of ink on paper.

Well, OK.

It’s up to you but a better, faster and safer way to do your banking is online and on your smart phone, both of which Creighton Federal offers free of charge. If you using Online Banking, you’re already halfway there. So, go ahead and download the Mobile Banking App. You’ll be amazed how fast and easy it is to do, well, everything.

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Pssst! Want Still More Good News?

If you’re getting your monthly Creighton Federal account statement by mail there’s a quick and easy way to avoid all those paper statements. The ones that stack up, collect dust and hide your car keys whenever you’re running late. It’s Creighton Federal’s e-Statement option, available on the Creighton Federal Mobile App.

Just download the app onto your smartphone (iPhone or Android).

You’ll be able to get and access your statement from wherever

you are, whenever you want to check it.

With Creighton Federal’s Mobile App you’ll be able to do your personal banking using your phone. And presto! No account statement to hide your car keys.

I keep saying it’s good news.

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Pssst! Want Some More Good News?

You can take away some of the worry about how safe your money is just by using Creighton Federal’s Mobile Banking App. Personal banking using your smart phone is as safe as it gets and getting more secure all the time. And Mobile Banking is state of the art.

Just download the app onto your smart phone (iPhone or Android). 

You’ll be able to do your personal banking whenever you want and from wherever you are.

I said it was good news.

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Pssst! Want Some Good News for a Change?

If you’re banking without Creighton Federal’s Mobile App you’re over-working yourself! Why go to all that trouble when you can make your personal banking faster and easier with the Mobile App. One example: Remote Deposit – deposit checks right from your phone.

Just download the app onto your smartphone (iPhone or Android). You’ll be able to do your personal banking whenever you want and from wherever you are.

Check balances, transfer money, track expenses, set customized alerts and more with your phone. I said it was good news.

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How to Decide Whether or Not to Buy That Expensive Whatever-It-Is.

Deciding whether or not to make an expensive purchase and go on the hook for a lot of money is one reason Tums are so popular. Big ticket decisions involving lots of zeros after the dollar sign shouldn’t be decided on a whim.

There are tons of online lists of “Dos & Don’ts” to help you, so help yourself. But also think about it. Give yourself the time and mental space to make a good decision. A good decision for you and your situation, not just now but in the time frame it’ll take you to pay off the debt you’ll carry.

Five years to pay for a new truck or SUV? Well, is your job secure? An unplanned pregnancy, maybe? An aging parent or a dependent child with health complications that could turn your financial world upside down?

Should you stop spending. Absolutely not. Should you understand credit and how to manage it and be aware of what you’re getting yourself into? Absolutely.

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Compound interest can kill you.

Pay only the minimum on your high interest credit card bill for a year while you keep charging away and watch your Balance Due number shoot up.
Compound interest is also your good friend. Start tucking away a small amount from each paycheck and, when you’ve scraped together $500 or more, invest it in something you can’t easily get your paws on. Like a CD or an interest bearing investment account. Then leave it alone. DON’T borrow from it to buy this year’s latest smartphone. Let Creighton Federal help you. The service is free. FREE!
You won’t see compound interest at work at first. But down the road you won’t believe what compound interest will do for your bank account. Think retirement. Then click this link and get smart about compound interest. The personal finance specialists at Creighton Federal Credit Union  can help with all of this. And the service is free. FREE! Just ask.

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Tom Kjar

Here’s Lookin’ Up Your Old FICO!

That’s what they do, you know. When, say, you go to rent an apartment or buy a house. Or buy a sofa for your new apartment or house. Or buy a car to drive to work so you can pay for the things you buy.
It doesn’t matter what FICO stands for. What does matter is what it means when you go to buy those things. It’s your credit score. And, unless you’re paying with cash, your credit score determines whether or not you get whatever it is you’re buying.
We know credit scores because we understand credit. We also know how to help our members get good credit and keep it. You might want to give us a shout to see what we can do for you. The service is free and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Tom Kjar

Can We Have a Little Chat? No, Really.

We’re always looking for ways to do a better job of getting you what you want and need. We know you like to bank remotely on your phone or tablet or laptop. But we know sometimes you have a question or problem that takes some explaining. So, Creighton Federal – your hometown, full-service credit union – has added a Chat function. It’s working and working well.

Say you have a question about a loan application and you need some information. Just click “Chat” on the home page of our website at The button is on the lower right or center on most screens. Give it a click. Our average response time is about 18 seconds.

So, next time you need an answer let’s have ourselves a little chat.

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Tom Kjar

Controlling Spending.

You know what’s so hard about controlling you spending? Believing you can’t control your spending. You can.

Here’s the truth. Controlling spending isn’t hard. It takes courage and commitment. And some help, if and when you need it. That’s where we come in. Say the word and the personal finance professionals here at Creighton Federal will actually sit down with you, analyze your spending and work with you to get you where you need to be.

The process might not be entirely painless. But any pain will be temporary. The peace of mind and confidence you’ll gain will be worth its weight in . . . you fill in the blank.

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