A Thought About Debit Cards

Here’s burning question of the hour #1: Why do you need a debit card? Simple answer to burning question of the hour #1: Because you can use it like cash wherever VISA® and MasterCard® are accepted without carrying cash, so it’s a safer way to travel and spend. You’re buying/spending using the money in your checking account, you’re not borrowing money and having to pay interest on a credit card balance. That’s just smart.

And it brings up burning question of the hour #2: Why today do you need a checking account? Simple answer: Because that’s how you get a Creighton Federal debit card – can’t have one without a checking account (but paper checks are strictly optional). Besides, money in a Creighton Federal checking account is there when you need it, is safe from fire, flood and having some guy with quick hands relieve you of your cash when he brushes up against you in a crowd. And it lets you do all your banking electronically while costing you zip, ziltch, nada!

So, yes, you do need a debit card . . . and the checking account that goes with it. End of discussion.

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Better Choices for Members

We tell our members – and anyone who’ll listen – we give members better choices. Even if it’s true, which it is, why do we do that? Honest answer? Because giving our members better choices is at the core of why we exist!

Credit unions – all credit unions, including Creighton Federal – are non-profit businesses. We have no profit motive. This credit union was set up in the early 1950s to serve the greater Creighton University community. We now serve some other groups, too. Our members are offered generally lower rates on loans, better rates on deposits, lower fees, lots of free services they won’t get at big banks and the intangibles that can’t be described in a blog but can be felt instantly.

For-profit businesses create income. We create better choices for our members.

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Free Money

You’re on an elevator and the woman next to you turns and says, “I can save you hundreds of dollars a month. It won’t cost you anything and you don’t have to do anything.” What do you do? Like most people, you do nothing. The woman is either trying to scam you or she’s gone completely off the rails. Or has she?

We tell our members we can save them money all the time. Some believe us, some don’t. Those who don’t lose out. Here’s why: What if the woman on the elevator was from our place, Creighton Federal Credit Union? What if she specializes in reviewing members’ personal finances and finding ways to rearrange things to save money? Call it finding Buried Treasure. And what if she does that free of charge for our members who don’t have to do anything but tell her to go to work? What if she really could have saved you hundreds of dollars a month? Happens here pretty regularly.

Maybe we can save you money, maybe – if you’re good at managing your finances – we can’t. It’ll cost you nothing to let us try.

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