Pointers About Identity Theft

Here’s the thing. Too many people who have said, “It’ll never happen to me” have had it happen to them. Sorry, but it’s true. One event – the Equifax data breech a while back – exposed almost half the country to bad guys who squint a lot and haven’t shaved for a while.

Take Equifax up on their offer to check the “dark web” to see if your identity has been stolen and is out there for Squinty and the Gang to go shopping on your dime or worse. It’s fast and easy, it’s free and it won’t hurt your credit standing. And if the Equifax scan tells you your identity is out there go immediately to our FI-Q Lesson 13: Identity Theft to learn what to do and when. It’s free and waiting to be watched.

Sticking your head in the sand and saying, “It’ll never happen to me” just won’t cut it anymore. There’s too much of your future at stake.

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The Advantage of Being Non-Profit

There’s a reason why Creighton Federal and all credit unions are not-for-profit businesses.

Remember a few years ago when a very large banking system was found to have opened millions of accounts in its account holders’ names without their permission or even knowing it had happened until the news broke? Those accounts were opened because of pressure from above to “make the numbers” in order to be more profitable.

Being not-for-profit pretty much eliminates anything like that from happening. And, if we’re not focused on being more profitable we must be trying to do something else. Like taking care of our members any and every way we can. Sound reasonable?

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