Here’s Lookin’ Up Your Old FICO!

That’s what they do, you know. When, say, you go to rent an apartment or buy a house. Or buy a sofa for your new apartment or house. Or buy a car to drive to work so you can pay for the things you buy.
It doesn’t matter what FICO stands for. What does matter is what it means when you go to buy those things. It’s your credit score. And, unless you’re paying with cash, your credit score determines whether or not you get whatever it is you’re buying.
We know credit scores because we understand credit. We also know how to help our members get good credit and keep it. You might want to give us a shout to see what we can do for you. The service is free and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Tom Kjar

Can We Have a Little Chat? No, Really.

We’re always looking for ways to do a better job of getting you what you want and need. We know you like to bank remotely on your phone or tablet or laptop. But we know sometimes you have a question or problem that takes some explaining. So, Creighton Federal – your hometown, full-service credit union – has added a Chat function. It’s working and working well.

Say you have a question about a loan application and you need some information. Just click “Chat” on the home page of our website at The button is on the lower right or center on most screens. Give it a click. Our average response time is about 18 seconds.

So, next time you need an answer let’s have ourselves a little chat.

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Tom Kjar

Controlling Spending.

You know what’s so hard about controlling you spending? Believing you can’t control your spending. You can.

Here’s the truth. Controlling spending isn’t hard. It takes courage and commitment. And some help, if and when you need it. That’s where we come in. Say the word and the personal finance professionals here at Creighton Federal will actually sit down with you, analyze your spending and work with you to get you where you need to be.

The process might not be entirely painless. But any pain will be temporary. The peace of mind and confidence you’ll gain will be worth its weight in . . . you fill in the blank.

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