Compound interest can kill you.

Pay only the minimum on your high interest credit card bill for a year while you keep charging away and watch your Balance Due number shoot up.
Compound interest is also your good friend. Start tucking away a small amount from each paycheck and, when you’ve scraped together $500 or more, invest it in something you can’t easily get your paws on. Like a CD or an interest bearing investment account. Then leave it alone. DON’T borrow from it to buy this year’s latest smartphone. Let Creighton Federal help you. The service is free. FREE!
You won’t see compound interest at work at first. But down the road you won’t believe what compound interest will do for your bank account. Think retirement. Then click this link and get smart about compound interest. The personal finance specialists at Creighton Federal Credit Union  can help with all of this. And the service is free. FREE! Just ask.

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Tom Kjar