Remember the Clown Car and All the Clowns that Climbed Out of it?

You’d never guess all those big noses and giant feet and exploded hair could get stuffed in that tiny, little putt-putt, but somehow they did. Looks can be deceiving.

It’s that way with us, Creighton Federal. You’d never guess, standing outside our main branch at 25th & Dodge or any of our other branches, so much free help and money saving wisdom for members is packed inside, weighting to be put to work. But it is.

I sure hope those clowns showered before they stuffed themselves in that little car.

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Attention Class. The Lesson for Today is Debt Consolidation. You Over There. Wake Up!

Debt consolidation is not something likely to come up in conversation over your next double half-caramel- half-gooseberry-upside-down whipped latte. But it’s something that should be on your radar and here’s why.

There’s a good chance you’re spending more money each month than you have to. And there’s an easy way to find out. Ask us. It’ll cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time and a call to 402/341-2121 ‒ I know, it’s SO ‘90s old school!

Either way ‒ you’re spending more money each month than you have to or you’re not ‒ you’ll know. And if you are we know what to do about that. We’ll start by looking for ways to consolidate and lower your debt burden ‒ how much your pay out each month. That part will be free, too. It’s one of the things we do for members that we don’t charge for.

So … Make the call.

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How to Decide Whether or Not to Buy That Expensive Whatever-It-Is.

Deciding whether or not to make an expensive purchase and go on the hook for a lot of money is one reason Tums are so popular. Big ticket decisions involving lots of zeros after the dollar sign shouldn’t be decided on a whim.

There are tons of online lists of “Dos & Don’ts” to help you, so help yourself. But also think about it. Give yourself the time and mental space to make a good decision. A good decision for you and your situation, not just now but in the time frame it’ll take you to pay off the debt you’ll carry.

Five years to pay for a new truck or SUV? Well, is your job secure? An unplanned pregnancy, maybe? An aging parent or a dependent child with health complications that could turn your financial world upside down?

Should you stop spending. Absolutely not. Should you understand credit and how to manage it and be aware of what you’re getting yourself into? Absolutely.

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The Powerful Life Saver You Probably Never Think About

You can sense the pent-up power throbbing away in your backpack or purse. Feel it? It’s on your smart phone and it’s waiting for the next opportunity. The next chance to spring into action. To do for you what few other things in this world can do.

It’s the My Mobile Money app that gives you dominion over your Creighton Federal debit card. With it you control your financial destiny! Or, at least, where and when you spend your money. It protects you from little sister Emma, who’s authorized to use your card, from spending $1,000 on a new iPhone because it’s over the limit you set for her. And that’s just the beginning.

Don’t you love power?

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Fear Insurance

The insurance we normally think about protects us from the bad things that can happen. A car crash, damage from a storm, getting sick.

But we provide a very different kind of insurance. It’s insurance that protects people like you from fear and uncertainty about your finances ‒ your credit score and what affects it. Mounting credit card bills. Over-spending on things you really don’t need. And just plain feeling dumb about your money and how to manage it. We have insurance for that.

It’s good, old-fashioned peace of mind insurance. It comes in the form of a free review of your credit and personal finances and, where needed, debt consolidation and restructuring. It’s all free. We offer it with every Creighton Federal Credit Union account. All you have to do is ask.

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Pointers About Identity Theft

Here’s the thing. Too many people who have said, “It’ll never happen to me” have had it happen to them. Sorry, but it’s true. One event – the Equifax data breech a while back – exposed almost half the country to bad guys who squint a lot and haven’t shaved for a while.

Take Equifax up on their offer to check the “dark web” to see if your identity has been stolen and is out there for Squinty and the Gang to go shopping on your dime or worse. It’s fast and easy, it’s free and it won’t hurt your credit standing. And if the Equifax scan tells you your identity is out there go immediately to our FI-Q Lesson 13: Identity Theft to learn what to do and when. It’s free and waiting to be watched.

Sticking your head in the sand and saying, “It’ll never happen to me” just won’t cut it anymore. There’s too much of your future at stake.

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The Advantage of Being Non-Profit

There’s a reason why Creighton Federal and all credit unions are not-for-profit businesses.

Remember a few years ago when a very large banking system was found to have opened millions of accounts in its account holders’ names without their permission or even knowing it had happened until the news broke? Those accounts were opened because of pressure from above to “make the numbers” in order to be more profitable.

Being not-for-profit pretty much eliminates anything like that from happening. And, if we’re not focused on being more profitable we must be trying to do something else. Like taking care of our members any and every way we can. Sound reasonable?

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Why You Should Care About the People Who Take Care of Your Money

You might think that modern day personal banking is automatic because it’s handled by computers. To an extent, you’re right. 

But people have to be responsible for those computers and those banking systems you rely on. What if they don’t care about you or your money and they’re only interested in, say, keeping their jobs? Do you really want them taking care of your money and your access to it?

If you can get at Creighton Federal just about all the same stuff you can get at Behemo-bank, along with a healthy dose of customer service that means something, why would you stay with Behemo-bank? They don’t give a rat’s patoot about you. We do. Because we know the more we do for you the better it’ll be for both of us.

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When Smaller is Better

Most of us have been taught that bigger is better. I’m here to tell you, it ain’t necessarily so!

A lot of your personal banking today is done on your smart phone. But what happens when you run into a problem you can’t fix on your phone? Like getting locked out of your Internet banking? Make a call to Behemo-bank and you’ll get a calling tree and probably a run-around. Make a call to Creighton Federal and you’ll get LaShonda or another friendly, human voice. And a solution to your problem, maybe while you’re talking. 

That’s when smaller is better. We’re not perfect but that’s the kind of service we try to give every member every time.

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Left Your Debit Card at the Restaurant? Not to Worry.

There’s a TV commercial – you’ve probably seen it – where someone has left their debit card at a restaurant in New York or another big city. When they realize what’s happened the person casually picks up their smart phone and, with an app on the phone, locks their debit card so nobody else can use the card and drain their account.

Pretty cool stuff. Works with a big bank debit card in a big city. But here’s the thing. It works here in Omaha, too. With our Creighton Federal debit card and our MyMobile Money app (Download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play). And, yes, if you leave your debit card at some upscale bodega in New York it works there, too. I guess you could think of the money you didn’t lose as a kind of Buried Treasure.

So, why does this matter? It matters because we want our members’ money safe. It’s their money, not somebody else’s. And keeping their money safe is harder than you think. But that’s our worry. You just go on and have a good time.

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