News Flash: You’re Stealing from Yourself and Giving it All Away!

Lemme’ ask you this. How much less could you be spending each month on your mortgage payment? Don’t know, do you? All you have to do is ask and we’ll tell you. No charge. No obligation.
Right now mortgage refi rates – interest rates on mortgage refinancing – are crazy low. And if you have a mortgage that’s more than about two years old you’re needlessly handing over to your lender too much of your hard earned cash. Creighton Federal can probably save you a bucket load.

For you it’s a win – win. Win: we drop your mortgage payment each month. Win: If we can’t you rest your eyelids each night knowing you’ve got a great rate on your mortgage.

Click here to have a Creighton Federal loan officer figure your monthly savings. No cost, no obligation.

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Tom Kjar

We Know Where the Buried Treasure is Buried

One of our long-time members needed some cash to cover storm repairs on her home. Not a problem. While processing her loan we asked permission to check her personal finances to see if we could find any “Buried Treasure.” She said OK and our loan officer went to work. Boy, did she.

By the time she was done she’d saved our long-time member over $650 a month in reduced payments. Here’s how she did it:

  • Paid off the existing higher-interest rate home mortgage and replaced it with a lower-interest rate Creighton Federal mortgage with nearly the same payoff date.
  • Paid off an existing high-interest rate credit card balance, consolidating it with the lower-interest rate Creighton Federal loan for home repairs.
  • Paid off, then replaced two higher-interest rate car loans with lower-interest rate Creighton Federal vehicle loans.

Our member was dumbfounded. She hadn’t even asked us to look. She didn’t have to. We do it all the time.

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