Fear Insurance

The insurance we normally think about protects us from the bad things that can happen. A car crash, damage from a storm, getting sick.

But we provide a very different kind of insurance. It’s insurance that protects people like you from fear and uncertainty about your finances ‒ your credit score and what affects it. Mounting credit card bills. Over-spending on things you really don’t need. And just plain feeling dumb about your money and how to manage it. We have insurance for that.

It’s good, old-fashioned peace of mind insurance. It comes in the form of a free review of your credit and personal finances and, where needed, debt consolidation and restructuring. It’s all free. We offer it with every Creighton Federal Credit Union account. All you have to do is ask.

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Pointers About Identity Theft

Here’s the thing. Too many people who have said, “It’ll never happen to me” have had it happen to them. Sorry, but it’s true. One event – the Equifax data breech a while back – exposed almost half the country to bad guys who squint a lot and haven’t shaved for a while.

Take Equifax up on their offer to check the “dark web” to see if your identity has been stolen and is out there for Squinty and the Gang to go shopping on your dime or worse. It’s fast and easy, it’s free and it won’t hurt your credit standing. And if the Equifax scan tells you your identity is out there go immediately to our FI-Q Lesson 13: Identity Theft to learn what to do and when. It’s free and waiting to be watched.

Sticking your head in the sand and saying, “It’ll never happen to me” just won’t cut it anymore. There’s too much of your future at stake.

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Free Money

You’re on an elevator and the woman next to you turns and says, “I can save you hundreds of dollars a month. It won’t cost you anything and you don’t have to do anything.” What do you do? Like most people, you do nothing. The woman is either trying to scam you or she’s gone completely off the rails. Or has she?

We tell our members we can save them money all the time. Some believe us, some don’t. Those who don’t lose out. Here’s why: What if the woman on the elevator was from our place, Creighton Federal Credit Union? What if she specializes in reviewing members’ personal finances and finding ways to rearrange things to save money? Call it finding Buried Treasure. And what if she does that free of charge for our members who don’t have to do anything but tell her to go to work? What if she really could have saved you hundreds of dollars a month? Happens here pretty regularly.

Maybe we can save you money, maybe – if you’re good at managing your finances – we can’t. It’ll cost you nothing to let us try.

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