Reassuring Words About Setting Up a Budget

I’m not going to lecture you on why you should create and stick to a budget or how to do it. There’s plenty of information online and elsewhere for your reading pleasure.

No, instead I’m going to give you the single best reason to create a budget for yourself. And that reason is Freedom! The personal freedom that comes from not worrying about money. At least, not as much and, maybe, not at all.

Fear of running out of money before the next check is deposited is like a black cloud that follows you around. You can’t shake it, just like you can’t shake the fear of running low or – OMG – out of cash. Budgeting won’t put money into your checking account. It’ll keep money in your checking account and that’s just as good.

Here’s another good idea. Create a reasonable (as in do-able) budget and stick to it for a week. It’ll be easier than you think and you’re liable to find some “Buried Treasure” in your account when you’re done.

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