The Powerful Life Saver You Probably Never Think About

You can sense the pent-up power throbbing away in your backpack or purse. Feel it? It’s on your smart phone and it’s waiting for the next opportunity. The next chance to spring into action. To do for you what few other things in this world can do.

It’s the SecurLOCK Equip app that gives you dominion over your Creighton Federal debit card. With it you control your financial destiny! Or, at least, where and when you spend your money. It protects you from little sister Emma, who’s authorized to use your card, from spending $1,000 on a new iPhone because it’s over the limit you set for her. And that’s just the beginning.

Don’t you love power?

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Left Your Debit Card at the Restaurant? Not to Worry.

There’s a TV commercial – you’ve probably seen it – where someone has left their debit card at a restaurant in New York or another big city. When they realize what’s happened the person casually picks up their smart phone and, with an app on the phone, locks their debit card so nobody else can use the card and drain their account.

Pretty cool stuff. Works with a big bank debit card in a big city. But here’s the thing. It works here in Omaha, too. With our Creighton Federal debit card and our SecurLOCK Equip app (Download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play). And, yes, if you leave your debit card at some upscale bodega in New York it works there, too. I guess you could think of the money you didn’t lose as a kind of Buried Treasure.

So, why does this matter? It matters because we want our members’ money safe. It’s their money, not somebody else’s. And keeping their money safe is harder than you think. But that’s our worry. You just go on and have a good time.

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A Thought About Debit Cards

Here’s burning question of the hour #1: Why do you need a debit card? Simple answer to burning question of the hour #1: Because you can use it like cash wherever VISA® and MasterCard® are accepted without carrying cash, so it’s a safer way to travel and spend. You’re buying/spending using the money in your checking account, you’re not borrowing money and having to pay interest on a credit card balance. That’s just smart.

And it brings up burning question of the hour #2: Why today do you need a checking account? Simple answer: Because that’s how you get a Creighton Federal debit card – can’t have one without a checking account (but paper checks are strictly optional). Besides, money in a Creighton Federal checking account is there when you need it, is safe from fire, flood and having some guy with quick hands relieve you of your cash when he brushes up against you in a crowd. And it lets you do all your banking electronically while costing you zip, ziltch, nada!

So, yes, you do need a debit card . . . and the checking account that goes with it. End of discussion.

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