There when you need us, not when you don’t.

For all the digital capability we make available to our members ‒ the mobile banking you’ve told us you want, and there’s more coming later this year ‒ we’re going to stay analog in one important way.

More and more of our members do most or all their banking on their phone, tablet or laptop. They don’t need us. Until they do. The sound of a real person on the other end of a phone call when they need to solve a big problem or get out of a jam is, as the saying goes, like music to their ears.

So, if you don’t need us you won’t see or hear us. But if you do, and it happens all the time, we’ll be there for you.

Stay in touch.

When Smaller is Better

Most of us have been taught that bigger is better. I’m here to tell you, it ain’t necessarily so!

A lot of your personal banking today is done on your smart phone. But what happens when you run into a problem you can’t fix on your phone? Like getting locked out of your Internet banking? Make a call to Behemo-bank and you’ll get a calling tree and probably a run-around. Make a call to Creighton Federal and you’ll get LaShonda or another friendly, human voice. And a solution to your problem, maybe while you’re talking. 

That’s when smaller is better. We’re not perfect but that’s the kind of service we try to give every member every time.

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