What are you, nuts?

You’re closing out your Creighton Federal account because you’re graduating and moving out of town? You either have a fever above 104 or some foreign government has jammed your in-box with big bank propaganda.

A. You’re going to need money while you relocate and get settled. Use you Creighton Federal account. https://www.creightonfederal.org/

B. You’re just out of school and moving to a place where you have no credit. But you do with Creighton Federal. We’ve known you for years.

C. With online banking it doesn’t matter if your financial institution is five miles away or 500 miles away.

D. Get pre-approved at Creighton Federal for a car loan or down payment. You’ll know you’ll have the money when you need it, And, besides, Creighton Federal’s loan rates are probably lower than you’ll be able to swing in your new location.

Closing you account because you’re graduating and moving? What are you, nuts?

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